Fordham’s Michael Petrilli: Manufacturing “Emotion” for Common Core

Fordham's Michael Petrilli: Manufacturing "Emotion" for Common Core.


David Greene Reports on the Excitement of the BAT Rally in D.C.

I know that I enjoyed this rally more than any thing else I have ever experienced. And I have experienced many things.

Diane Ravitch's blog

David Greene, a veteran educator, has been to all the rallies to save public education, but it sounds as if he enjoyed this one the most. BATs from 38 states gathered to laugh together, dance together, and swap stories about life in their cities and states.

One of the high points came when Dave was talking to an ELL teacher from rural Connecticut (now apparently called “New Jersey east”) and discovered that she had been his pupil many years ago. Suddenly he was Mr. Greene, not Dave.

He writes:

” Of course, there were performances from adults like Barry Lane and Dell Akron, but the show was stolen by a group of high school dancers, slam poets and rappers from nearby Chancellor HS. Damn Good! I have been to many rallies, even helped to or organized some, but each time I am knocked out most by students and kids who…

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BATs: Magic On My Mind


The Magic

We Made

Came From

The Love

We Gave


    And- It WAS Magic.

    It WAS a Miracle.

    A “wink from God.”

    A Bat Cloud

    Above the DOE

    For ALL to See


    I WAKE Up!

    I WAKE UP!

    Each Morning,

    With Our Magic,


    On My Mind

    And my Mind

    On Our Magic



    My Body

    It Hums

    It Thrums


    Pouring Into Me

    Filling Me

    Lifting Me

    Freeing Me


    Reality of Love

    Coming together

    Family and Friends

    Music and Message


    We Are Family

    BATs in DC

    at the DOE


    Keeping Our Kids & Our  Schools FREE!!!!

    Koch Brothers Plan School Choice Forum in Nashville

    Diane Ravitch's blog

    A group funded by the notorious conservative Koch brothers will host a school choice forum in Nashville on July 22.

    Here are their panelists:

    “Moderating the talk will be Shaka Mitchell, who works for Rocketship Education, a California-based charter school organization with an East Nashville location set to open this summer. A second Rocketship school in Nashville has been approved to open in 2015.

    “Panelists are Jonathan Butcher, education director of the Goldwater Institute; Stephanie Linn, state programs and government relations director of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice; Justin Owen, president and CEO of the Beacon Center of Tennessee; and Steve Perry, principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School, a Connecticut-based charter school.

    “In a statement announcing the forum, the organization applauds Tennessee’s 2010 move to an outcomes-based funding formula for public universities that’s supposed to reward institutions that meet benchmarks. The group says Tennessee’s K-12 public schools, however, have…

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    Mercedes Schneider on Unions, Kathleen Carroll, Me, TURN, Money, Power, and Reform

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    In recent days, there has been an extended discussion online about an article by California whistle blower Kathleen Carroll, in which she blasts Randi Weingarten and the Teachers Union Reform Network for taking money from Gates, Broad, and other corporate reform groups, in some cases, more than a dozen years ago. Carroll also suggests that I am complicit in this “corruption” because I spoke to the 2013 national meeting of TURN and was probably paid with corporate reform money; she notes that Karen Lewis, Deborah Meier, and Linda Darling-Hammond also spoke to the TURN annual meeting in 2012 or 2013. I told Carroll that I was not paid to speak to TURN, also that I have spoken to rightwing think tanks, and that no matter where I speak and whether I am paid, my message is the same as what I write in my books and blogs. In the discussion…

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    A Partial Look at Michelle Rhee’s Finances

    Diane Ravitch's blog reports on some of the finances of Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst and StudentsFirst Institute, based on the 990 tax form that her group is required to file. During the fiscal year from August 2012 to July 2013, her organizations raised $28.6 million, down slightly from the previous year. She does not disclose the names of her donors (we can all guess: the Koch brothers? Rupert Murdoch? Michael Bloomberg? Eli Broad? Members of the Walton family? Art Pope? Hedge fund managers? Who else disdains public education?).

    She spent $2 million for the consulting services of SKDKnickerbocker, which is run by Anita Dunn, who worked closely with President Obama in his first term. She also paid $1.7 million to, which hosted many of her petitions (“do you want great teachers, sign here”). The article says cut ties with that lucrative client because of protests by organized labor but that is…

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