Holy Ed Reform Batman! TnBATs Go Hard!

  • 10411131_504218046380746_8571538944209469225_n      This week, Tn BATs sent multiple messages to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, TN Governor Bill Haslam, and Director of Nashville Schools, Dr. Jesse Register, to let them know that their decisions regarding public schools are harming our school systems, teachers, and, most especially, our students. 

    In Memphis, one Badass teacher, Meghan Vaziri, held up signs protesting ed reform in a town hall meeting. After the meeting, Secretary Duncan came over to her,  shook her hand, and thanked her for caring enough about public education to come to the event.

    Meghan told Duncan, politely, yet plainly, that his education reforms, particularly the emphasis on testing, are not working in TN, and in fact are detrimental to our students learning and potential.

    Read Meghan’s first-hand account about her meeting with Secretary Duncan in the BATs blog:


    Also read about it here in Andy Spear’s TnEdReport:



    Meanwhile, in Chattanooga,

    David Cook, a pro-public ed friendly journalist from Chattanooga, wrote a scathing article blasting Arne Duncan for coming to Chattanooga but neglecting to visit a public school or talk to public school teachers. Please read David’s brilliant piece calling Sec. Duncan to task for ignoring the city of Chattanooga’s public schools and the messages that the teachers in Chattanooga most surely have for Mr. Duncan. See link here:



    And in Nashville,

    In the Tennessean Rep. Craig Fitzhugh,  wrote an op-ed to Governor Haslam for sending out a less-than -sincere personal letter to TN teachers greeting them at the start of the year. Fitzhugh takes Haslam to task for promising TN teachers a raise, then backing out on that promise, then thanking teachers for working on a shoestring. In a similar vein, BOE member Amy Murrell Frogge took the Nashville BOE to task for opening up the door to the Charter school Achievement School District rather than financially support Nashville public schools. Please see the links below for the stories:




    Holy Ed Reformes eating their own Pearson Pineapple, BATman!!!!!!

    What else have TnBATs been up to this week?

    Tennessee BATs have also made headway in promoting Isa Infante, former teacher, woman of color, former employee of the USDOE, and Green Party candidate running against Bill Haslam for Governor. She is being endorsed by the TNBATs as the official candidate to vote for in our November elections.

    Oh, and last but not least, since Lucy Bat was unable to meet with Arne during his visit, she made a Vlog for him and put it on Youtube. Check out all of our great stories, publications, blogs, and media in the links below.

    Badass Teachers Association

    This is for every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our societSee More
  • tnedreport.com
    September 15, 2014 Fitzhugh, Frogge Take on Tennessee Ed Reform by Andy Spears HSee More
  •  Nashville parents resists Charter School takeovers: http://tnedreport.com/?p=935

    In a week that saw a group of Nashville parents actively resist state takeover of their school by the Achievement School District (ASD), MNPS Director of Schools Jesse Register suggested turning more Nashville schools over to the ASD.
  •  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRIVbzXG7Yg

    Play Video

    Lucy BAT from TN- with a Message for Arne Duncan.

    Lucianna Zephyr Sanson's photo.

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