David Greene Reports on the Excitement of the BAT Rally in D.C.

I know that I enjoyed this rally more than any thing else I have ever experienced. And I have experienced many things.

Diane Ravitch's blog

David Greene, a veteran educator, has been to all the rallies to save public education, but it sounds as if he enjoyed this one the most. BATs from 38 states gathered to laugh together, dance together, and swap stories about life in their cities and states.

One of the high points came when Dave was talking to an ELL teacher from rural Connecticut (now apparently called “New Jersey east”) and discovered that she had been his pupil many years ago. Suddenly he was Mr. Greene, not Dave.

He writes:

” Of course, there were performances from adults like Barry Lane and Dell Akron, but the show was stolen by a group of high school dancers, slam poets and rappers from nearby Chancellor HS. Damn Good! I have been to many rallies, even helped to or organized some, but each time I am knocked out most by students and kids who…

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