Cheatham County Rural Charter Incubator Caper

Cumberland Academy Founders
Jimmy and Jonny

J&J are two teachers in Cheatham County- well, one IS and one WAS ( don’t ask me which one is which- all the Edu-shysters look alike to me ) – and both are now Proposing a new Charter School Incubator for Cheatham County TN: Cumberland Academy INCUBATOR ( ooooohhhhhhhhh- like for chicken eggs or something……)

I have emailed the founders to ask them about their reasons why they, as public school teachers would choose to start a Charter but received no response. I did receive a response from the “Friends of Cumberland Academy” Facebook parent-run page, but the parent I spoke with could not answer any of my questions.


So, I went to the Tennessean for info:

Jimmy Hopper, a CCCHS social studies teacher, and Jonny Gersten, a former CMS English teacher, submitted the letter of intent……

“The conversations continuously returned to the belief that Cheatham County possesses the fundamental dynamics to not only adapt to the changing educational landscape but to excel in the midst of new academic challenges and reform,” the release said.

Notice the neat-o REFORM-ey language that really says NOTHING. ( All opinions are my own and not those of the Tennessean, who is obviously paid off by Governor or similar )

Their vision has led to the proposed Cumberland Academy, a school that will aim to establish a countywide professional development pathway to train and retain teachers; a space to develop  and share best teaching practices with the school district; and a community focal point that rigorously prepares students for success beyond school while also engaging and attracting families to the county.

THIS IS GIBBERISH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What do you mean by any of this????? Oh- a business in a strip mall…why didn’t you say so in the first place??????…geez  (author really should stop inserting internal dialogue but can’t stop self )

With this in mind, Hopper and Gersten said they saw the potential for Cheatham County to lead the way and serve as an incubator of innovation for rural schools within the state.

—————————-GOODY!!!! A rural incubator ( NOT ) ————————————-

^^^^^^^^here BATGal shamelessly put in personal opinion regarding Charters^^^^^^^^^

Now in the cultivation phase, the two said they have reached out to local, state and national education and community leaders, many of whom are from Cheatham County, to serve as advisors in helping create a vision of excellence and innovation.

WHO DID YOU REACH OUT TO????? FACTS PEOPLE> NAMES!!!!!!! shameless insert (hides head) 

Charter schools operate under a governing body other than the local School Board and are generally freed from some of the rules and regulations that apply to other public schools in exchange for greater accountability for producing certain results, which are set forth in each school’s charter.

Under the state’s charter school funding formula, the combined state and local per-pupil dollar amount follows students to their new schools.”

Here is the one document I could find telling information about the Charter School itself: Yayers!!!!!!! 10338659_834984573196731_3841912834854144446_o 10380021_834984993196689_6978475014345792470_o-2

I also have a document that was given to me by a resident who is against the Charter School. Here it is:

Charter_School_Opposition_Statement  ( concerned parent and tax payer )


What is to become of all of this??? Well, tonight there was a meeting where it was discovered, SHOCK, that Teach for America is helping start Cumberland Academy- and that these young men, are, indeed, affiliated with the group. The Charter founders would not answer questions about nonprofit partners nor would they answer questions about whether the children would have a playground or a cafeteria. No financial amounts were disclosed and the application for the school was not displayed for viewing—something about having to pay $50.00 to see the application.

So, after so many nice wins on the Hill for teachers this past session- the only one that really mattered to Haslam and the Refomers in the end- the State Charter Authorizer- passed with no problem- as we see evidence of here- unless the local teachers association/union TEA, BATs, and other concerned citizens, like Momma BEARs and TRESS can get it voted down. Guess we will find out on June 24th when the BOE meets to decide if the new “Academy” gets to open or not.


CC_Charter_School-3 234

Stay tuned for more to come from the TN BAT Sleuth in the Case of: THE CHEATHAM COUNTY CHARTER SCHOOL INCUBATOR CAPER aka Cumberland Academy


5 thoughts on “Cheatham County Rural Charter Incubator Caper

  1. When you use phrases coined by Mark Naison like “Edu-shyster”, and when you use snarky parentheticals, it really demeans your argument. I would expect nothing less from a BAT. Drink more kool-aid…let them think for you.


  2. When you stop bowing at the feet of a white, patriarch who risks NOTHING in the battle against Common Core except building up his own ego and “rep”, then maybe I’ll listen. I don’t understand you BATs….you lift of Mark Naison as your “fearless” leader….who has never set foot in a public classroom in his life. Who has never taught in PUBLIC SCHOOLS in his life (he teaches at Fordham, give me a break). And you lift up Priscilla Sanstead, the homeschool, “unschooling” queen….how on earth you can claim to be a movement of teachers when you are lead by two people who are as far from public schools and the profession of teaching as you can possibly get blows my mind. BATs are psychotic fear mongers, who feed on lies, badly written poetry, and poorly constructed memes. There are some who think for themselves and see the truth through the bat-fog of lies…but in general, those people are booted or banned for not “aligning with the mission”.

    Actually fight for what matters in public school, or go with Mark Naison on his latest ego-building crusade. I suppose it’s your choice.


    • You are clearly not a BAT. The Founders are not teachers. That is no secret. The managers ( Marla Kilfoyle and Melissa Tomlinson ) and the people that run the group(s) ARE teachers. I do admire Mark and Priscilla, but the respect is mutual. If you don’t like or understand the BATs, that is fine. WE are a group of almost 50,000 teachers and concerned parents and activists who understand that this is a war on public education. You make claims that are unclear yet founded in a lack of understanding and hatred. Very juvenile. Thank you for trolling and reading. Peace.


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