Tennessean tries kissing it to make it all better

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This morning’s Tennessean  editorial  attempted to save Commissioner Kevin “IVFO” Huffman’s job by declaring him incompetent (as opposed to criminal) as it relates to the TCAP debacle.  Faint praise indeed.  But the way the editorial geniuses at the Tennessean went about it was obsequious bordering on the pathetic.  It is abundantly clear the folks at the Tennessean are in desperate need of help.  And, as always, we here at RTP are more than glad to offer our unsolicited and frequently unappreciated advice.  Here goes:

"Will kiss butt for editorial" “Will kiss butt for editorial”

Step #1:  Slowly and carefully remove your lips from Gov. Haslam’s derrier.  Done?  Proceed to

Step #2:  Try to get the most basic facts correct.

Step #3;  Tell Ingram and Seigenthaler to lay off the cocktails when they dictate editorials.

The merriment started from the headline of the editorial itself:

“TCAP delay probably was an error, not a plot.”

“Probably”?  Now…

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