A letter to the Tennessee Education Association

Hello readers—-Just to keep the facts straight: I did not write this letter. I was asked to publish it in an anonymously by a BAT- so I did. I am not bashing the union in any way. I am, myself, a staunch union activist and also the FCEA president-elect. I am simply doing my part by attempting to raise awareness about one TN BATs issue with regarding TEA.

I’ve been trying to get my membership renewed since January. It’s really frustrating to me that it’s almost May, and it has been this difficult to get a response from the multiple levels of TEA I’ve contacted, especially when I am trying to give TEA my money. It’s not very reassuring that I would be able to get a better response if I were to actually need help from TEA. I am a staunch union supporter, so I still want to make sure I get my membership renewed, but it’s hard for me to encourage other people to join when it is this hard just to get my membership active again. Combined with three previous experiences where I have needed information or assistance from TEA on some clear-cut issues but still have not gotten responses, at this point I feel more like I’m investing in the idea of a union, rather than an organization on which I can actually rely. I realize that my previous difficulties with TEA are not connected to the any one person or party in particular, but I’m letting TEA know because I think there are some significant member relations issues going on. I very much hope that TEA takes this seriously and considers ways to make sure emails and phone calls are returned. I hope to hear from someone soon about my renewal options.

Thank you,

Former Union Member


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