New Post: Duncan Says Racial Segregation Has Worsened, But No one Is Accountable

OF course he does. We talked about his at the #WHsocial. I told him that poverty is real and that instead of the mantra ” Poverty is no excuse for student failure ” we need to be aware of “HOW poverty impacts the lives of our children. ” I mean- if students are worried about where they will sleep at night or where their next meal is coming from then Common Core and Standardized Testing isn’t really high on the list of priorities for a student.

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I posted this on my trip home from the hospital earlier today. I made a mistake and hit “publish” before I wrote the post. Here is the post that was supposed to accompany the title!

In a speech to the Education Writers Association, Arne Duncan said that racial isolation has gotten worse in the past two decades, including (one assumes) during his own tenure in office.

An article in Education Daily by Frank Wolfe (sorry, don’t have the link) says:

“While the Education Department has promoted a number of programs and measures to improve the achievement of disadvantaged students, the singularly thorny problem of racially isolated schools has remained and has worsened, Education Secretary Arne Duncan acknowledged on Tuesday.
“While [Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483, 107 LRP 36247 (1954)] struck down de jure segregation as unconstitutional, de facto school seg- regation has worsened in many respects in…

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