BREAKING NEWS: Huffman folds. But will he resign?

The testing fiasco is nothing but a FARCE.

Rocky Top Politics

Within the last hour, DOE bureaucrat Erin O’Hara sent out a release announcing that the department has backtracked (somewhat) and agreed to release the test scores sometime today.  But O’Hara’s announcement doesn’t address the central problems with DOE’s and Huffman’s conduct and raises several more questions in the process.

From the DOE:

“We are releasing quick scores this afternoon, after hearing back from external experts who signed off on the accuaracy and validity of the results.”

Oh, well, that answers everything.  We feel so much better now.

Which “experts” are you referring too, Erin?  Pearson?  Aren’t they the same ones who are trying to sell the state new, expensive Common Core textbooks?  Won’t they be bidding on the new testing RFP, worth millions on top of their $150 million TCAP contract?  Give us a break.

“We are relieved that the post-equating process, led and verified by outside experts, showed that…

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