Go Ahead, Governor. Make Our Day.

Rocky Top Politics


In a particulalry odious editorial, the Jackson Sun has called on Gov. Bill Haslam to veto the one-year delay in PARCC testing that passed the legislature just last week.

To this, RTP has but one request of the governor:

Oh, please do it. Please, please, PUHleeeeze veto that bill. We mean it.

For if you veto the delay:

  • It will create open warfare between the conservative majority in the GOP caucus vs. you and legislative leadership and help guarantee the conservative takeover of the House caucus will be swift and complete.
  • If you veto that bill, you will effectively cut the throats of ever person in leadership — Harwell, McCormick, Brooks, Casada, even Ramsey – who pulled your Common Core bacon out of the fire with their watered-down compromise.
  • Your last four years as governor will be miserable for you and your agenda, particularly if there is a new…

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