A good legislative session

Dad Gone Wild

kevin-huffman The Tennessee legislative session ended on the morning on April 17th and that afternoon Tennessee Ed commissioner Kevin Huffman tweeted the following out,

1st thought on end of leg session: Free community college for all TN grads is a game changer for kids & the state.

That’s it. In a session where he was backing bills linked to for profit charters, vouchers, expanding the eligibility for the Achievement School District, a parent trigger, not to mention bills he was opposed to that limited testing, slowed the implementation of Common Core, unlinked TVASS from teacher licensure, and the only comment he could make was “Yay! Community college for all TN grads.”. I don’t want to downplay the benefits of that bill but not having anything else to tout speaks volumes.

It didn’t hurt that the bills he was supporting were bad bills. Take a look at the voucher bill. This…

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